The first word a plant learns is:


The raw material of life, the basic element of every solution. Water is our choice, our growing system. With hydroponics, indoor plants are stronger, lighter, cleaner and easier to care for.

The second word you hear from a plant is:

Thank you.

Our approach stems from respect and love for nature. We patiently seek to understand the life of plants to better accommodate their rhythms their pulsations, their vitality. And the plants show gratitude.

A flower, newly blossomed, asks:

Where are

the others?

Plants, like humans, are creatures that live in groups. Together they breathe, grow, reproduce. From environmental stimuli, they develop relationships, skills, competition, cooperation.

At the end of a working day, it will be your office plant that reminds you:

Did you turn everything off?

Artificial intelligence processes millions of information, but produces office pollution (photocopiers, printers, air conditioners, electromagnetic fields). The intelligence
humbly, courageously and intelligently absorbs it. Every plant has a mission, and performs it in synergy with the environment.

Ask a plant: what is harmony? It will answer you:

Look at me!

Every day we seek harmony with ourselves, with the environment, with others. A plant does the same. Create a harmonious environment for your plants, and it will be harmonious for you too.

What does your plant tell you when you are unconscious?

Pay attention!

Attention to others is the first form of generosity, and the source of well-being one’s own and others’ well-being. Attention to all forms of life, respect, availability. This
is the lesson that plants give us, apparently disinterested, in reality attentive to everything.

Every day your plant proves it to you.

Breathing together is possible.

Empathy is shared sensitivity. We are sensitive to light, to sounds, to smells, tastes, contact. Our plants accompany, share and reflect the sensations that come to us from environmental stimuli.

Ask a plant:

how are you? It will answer you:

Same as you.

A healthy, safe and bright environment is the natural setting for well-being.
The World Health Organisation defines wellbeing as “the state emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state of well-being that enables people to people to reach and maintain their personal potential in society”.

Talk to your plant.

It will tell you:


but move over,

you're shadowing me.

Being aware, awake, sensitive, intelligent.
To know one’s own capacities, one’s own limits, to accept
those of others. To feel part of life, living one’s own life cycle, enjoying enlightenments, of blooms, of love.